If we want to become manager, we have to know and to interpret the present, we have to accept the negative situations and transforming the problems in opportunity (practically we find it again in all management’s books).
But in the practical daily what allows to construct, and to maintain, a good image of himself?

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  1. Gustavo Nogués scrive:

    As we do for products and services, first of all we have to know in wich sector of business they are going to get introduced, in wich position of price and category. The sames is for us. In wich relation of business we want to get in. Study the members, their behavior, their social mores, sports they habitually play with partners and/or collegues. And so then how, beeing ourselves always, can we join them. Most important is never intent to be someone else we are not. Always be ourselves in all situations.

  2. rajesh agarwal scrive:

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